Svanberg & Werner -The Watch

Svanberg & Werner -SW1 - Detail hand second
Detail SW1-BW hands at second.
Svanberg & Werner -SW1 - Double hexagon crown
The double hexagon crown.
Svanberg & Werner -SW1 - SW1-RW-movement
Movement of SW1-RW.
Svanberg & Werner -SW1 - Hands alingning revealing new forms
Hands aligning revealing new forms.
Svanberg & Werner comes in three variations.
SW1-BW (Black & White face) Ruthesium black brass base. Sterling silver ring and 18k white gold index and hands.
SW1-RW (Rose & White face) Chemically frosted sterning silver base. Sterling silver ring and 18k rose gold index and hands.
SW1-WB (White & Black) has yet to be released.
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Svanberg & Werner -SW1 - SW1-RW
Svanberg & Werner -SW1 - Detail hand second
Finishing the bridge.

Svanberg & Werner -The Watch

The face of a clock is one of the most known graphical representations ever and the watch has been the most used measuring tool for the last centuries. With that in mind let us make a unique watch the Svanberg & Werner way:
1. Avoid looking at contemporary design.
2. Use the best materials.
3. Add a dash of recklessness to the design.
4. Hone the details over and over and over again.

Best regards.

Watchmakers Anton Svanberg & Gustav Werner and designer Fredrik Ottedag.

From the west coast of Sweden

In Kungsbacka, a couple of miles south of Gothenburg, the Svanberg & Werner watch industry is located in an old church. Inspired by 19'th century watchmakers, especially the swedish watchmaking father Victor Söderberg, we focus on continuing the legacy of the craft.
Victor Söderberg Urmanufaktur AB, Gertrudsgatan 222, 44 21 Kungsbacka.